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I profess that I love Jane Austen’s books. I’ve read them many times especially Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Persuasion. These 3 are my favourite. I’ve watched the adaptations of the books whenever I could and I have the 1998 version of Emma featuring Gywneth Partlow as the heroine. =) I’ve watched Kiera Knightley and Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth in perhaps the most popular of love stories and admired the way Ann Hataway played Miss Austen herself in the movie Becoming Jane. Being an ardent fan of Miss Austen, I was of course quite sad that none of her film adaptation ever made it to local tv networks. I guess it’s because these types of shows do not appeal to the general audiences and thus will not be profitable to be aired. Therefore, I spent several years pining for the 1994 BBC production of Pride and Prejudice (starring of course Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, yes, for those who loved Bridget Jones’ Diaries….).

However, I discovered that youtube (of all places) contains full clips of all Jane Austen’s adaptations, all uploaded by die hard Regency addicts!!! (bless them) I could hardly contain my excitement when I found this out. Lets just say I was ecstatic. I was able to feast myself upon the wonderful productions, both old and new, that paid tribute to the wonderful authoress.

Recently, I got to know that a new 2008 version of Sense and Sensibility has been aired. Now, among all 6 of the books, I must confess that I have actually never properly finished this particular story. I am perplexed as to how I had allowed this to happen but there it is. I did not even know the plot for the story (shameful!). Anyway, I heard good review of the movie therefore I went to trusty youtube and found the videos being put up by some kind soul for us all to enjoy.

Edward Ferrars (S and S 2008)In so many words, I loved the adaptation. Making a mini series out of this book does it justice. This story has many characters which is surprisingly uncommon in any of her other stories therefore it was actually easier to watch than to read the story (I suspect I lost track of who was who and going out with who). The actors and actresses who played each character in the movie was delightful to watch and the setting of the movie was beautiful. Houses, cottages, wild english landscape, wet. =P And the storyline was just lovely!! I have always thought that nothing, could beat P&P in terms of storyline and have always wondered why S&S is as popular as P&P (as opposed to Emma). I judged this by the fact that I did not even finish the book, so it didn’t even manage to get me hooked on it long enough (maybe because I did not like the fact that the two heroines were cut of penniless in the beginning of the story with the passing of their father). But as a movie, the story was just so touching and just right. One would think that Jane Austen had it in her mind that this will be an adaptation when she wrote it!!

Marianne and Colonel Brandon (S and S 1995)

Anyway, lots of people were comparing it to the 1995 version featuring Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman and (gasp!) Hugh Laurie (Dr. House!!!!! lol!). It was so disconcerting to watch House play a sarcastic husband in this movie (and to think that he is British!!!) but oh well, he was actually quite okay. This version had an all star cast compared to the newer one which had people that are not that internationally well known (to me anyway).

Mrs Dashwood and Elinor Dashwood (S and S 2008)

However, I believe I liked the new one better. Somehow, the actors in the second production were able to capture and portray the emotions of their characters better. When I watched it, I could somehow feel that this is what Jane Austen had wrote in her book. There were some similarities between some of the scenes were played out in both movies (which always happens with all her adaptations) but I still felt that the second one was better. Most people prefer the first one though. But I liked how Mrs Dashwood was portrayed in the second movie. More sedate and elegant, as opposed to the first one which showed her to be a little shallow. =P Elinor Dashwood also is better in the second movie. And Hugh Grant, I don’t know why but he just didn’t seem to carry his role as Edward!!! It was kinda disappointing really because you would expect so much from him, being always in romantic films and all that, but somehow his manners just seem so out of place in a Regency setting. Perfectly fine for modern, everyday life but not for a gentleman in Regency England!!! Alan Rickman was hard to see as Colonel Brandon as well since all I knew of him was just as Prof Snape. =) But he had it better than Hugh Grant.

Anyway, I would encourage anyone who likes period dramas to watch Sense and Sensibility 2008. Very nice and with such a happy ending, what is not to love about it???

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